Victoria, TX Fishing Communities

Victoria, TX Fishing Communities

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the Victoria, Texas area cater to a plethora of fishing activities. The Texan coast is renowned for its bountiful lakes and bays just a short drive from Victoria. The discerning fisherman will be delighted to discover ideal locations for off-shore, bay and wade fishing here. These hotspots include Lake Texana, Port Lavaca, Indianola, Seadrift, Port O’Connor and Rockport-Fulton. Port O’Connor is usually a hive of activity with fishing enthusiasts streaming in from all over the U.S. for the annual esteemed Poco Bueno Fishing Tournament. Fishermen are usually taken in as far as the gulf when fishing in this area. Rockport-Fulton offers visitors and locals so much more than just fishing. This bustling area hosts the Seafair with fun-filled activities ranging from various cook-offs to crab races, car shows and wakeboard competitions. This vibrant festival with its melting pot of events also hosts salsa and lively band competitions. Seadrift serves as the perfect location for hiking and biking along the San Antonia Bay. The area has an array of wildlife and kayaking and fishing is popular here. Fishermen can also experience fishing off the pier of Port Lavaca’s Indianola fishing marina.

Lake Texana

Some of the primary types of fish here are the largemouth bass, white crappie, blue catfish and sunfish. Fishermen can find largemouth bass and blue catfish in the reservoir. Anglers can find fishing opportunities for white bass along the Sandy Creek and Navidad channels in winter and in the reservoir during hot weather. Fishermen can try Ganado Café a few miles from Lake Texana State Park for their choice of lunchtime burgers, chicken wraps or salads.

Port Lavaca

Fishermen often opt for Point Comfort in Port Lavaca. It’s a beautiful stretch of azure waters along Hwy 35 and the area is also known for its ample camping sites. Wade fishers venture as far as the ancient sunken barge section. Here they can choose from a myriad of oysters at the bottom of the bay. The main street in Point Comfort has a pier and boat ramp. Boaters use this ramp to access the Lavaca River and other fishing hotspots such as Redfish Lake and Swan Lake. Some places to unwind and eat after a day of fishing in this area is La Parilla restaurant, Texas Traditions and Art’s Fish House. Texas Traditions is located in downtown Port Lavaca and patrons can try the best chicken spaghetti, pecan nut pie and coffee here.


Indianola is situated along the western shores of Matagorda Bay, with Powderhorn Lake as one of its borders provides ideal opportunities for the avid fisherman. The area boasts hordes of trout. Wading is popular here and trout and flounder are usually found on the surface of sand bars. Anglers can find great fishing spots between Indian Point and the LaSalle monument. Night fishing is common here, and enthusiasts often fish from bridges. One of the most common bridges used here is located on Brighton Avenue, where fishermen catch shrimp and mullet.


Fishing takes place primarily in the back lakes, San Antonio Bay, Santo Bay and Espiritu. Fishermen can enjoy a scrumptious lunch at La Tarraza Mexican food hub or at Barkett’s, a well-known seafood restaurant. Those who love Cajun seafood can visit Bubbas. Seadrift also has an art center with a beautiful sculpture garden located in close proximity to the main road. One of the unique features here is a gigantic sculpture called the Artboat, a must-see for any art lover.

Port O’Connor

Keen fishermen can find an array of fish in ledges, buoys, natural and artificial reefs, rocks and even shipwrecks in this part of the Texan coastline. There are also an array of jetty wade fishing locations operating from Port O’Connor Little Jetty, Port O’Connor Fishing Pier and Matagorda Jetty North. Prominent fishing spots include Army Hole, Airport Lake, Big Bayou, Contee lake, Decros Point, Dewberry Island, Big Pocket, Midway Reef, Long Island, Fish Pond, Lighthouse Cove, Pringle Lake, J-Hook, Josephine Reef, Vanderveer Island and Everett Reef. Boats depart from an array of boat ramps including Clarks Seafood Boat Ramp, the Bait Dock Boat Ramp and Charlie’s Bait Camp Boat Ramp.


This area is renowned for its myriad of great festivals and fishing and non-fishing activities. It boasts the exquisite Blue Wave Beach with boat ramps, wildlife, hiking trails and pretty cabanas. The Texas Maritime Museum is also located here, and patrons can unravel the maritime culture of Texas. There are also several intriguing art galleries in Rockport-Fulton. The SeaFair is one of the most prominent festivals held here with activities like Latin-American dancing, exciting cardboard boat racing, cook-offs and musical competitions. There are also several antique stores, retailers and arts and crafts stores if you want to take a break after fishing and explore other venues.


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