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New research shows that Men’s and Women’s brains are different! Women produce more dopamine, which helps organization and focus. Men produce more serotonin, making them relaxed and less worried. While men and women need both serotonin and dopamine, there are foods you can eat to increase your levels of these brain chemicals.

WOMEN: Serotonin controls your sense of well-being; without it, you may experience depression and sleep disorders. Eating these foods can help increase your serotonin levels (for detailed info search the internet for a “serotonin diet”):
  • Protein: Three servings/day of foods like turkey, cheese, and pork.
  • Veggies: Four cups/day of foods such as leafy greens and tomatoes.
  • “Good” carbs: Garbanzo beans, blueberries, and sweet potatoes.
  • Omega 3 fatty acids: Eggs, flaxseed (1 - 4 tbs/day), and salmon.
  • Dark Chocolate (but not too much!): Consume 1.5 to 3 ounces (in moderation) of a bar that consists of at least 70 percent cocoa beans. Dark chocolate contains flavonoids, magnesium and copper, and enhances mood and energy levels.

MEN: Dopamine affects your focus, movements, and emotions. Eat more of these foods to increase your dopamine levels:
  • Protein: Replace some meat in your diet with healthier sources such as salmon and beans.
  • Fruit: Eat more apples and bananas (even watermelon) weekly.
  • Other essential foods: Eggs, beets, avocados, Brazil nuts, and sesame or pumpkin seeds.

Increased exercise and meditation also will help you raise serotonin and dopamine levels. Talk to your doctor about your particular dietary needs.