Don't Kill Time Be Productive - Victoria Texas Real Estate Market

You know you should get plenty of sleep and exercise, make “to-do” lists and stay focused on the job to be productive during your day.  Here are some additional tips to help you increase your productivity.

• Set challenging goals.  People who set higher goals tend to produce more than those with lower expectations. To achieve those goals, however, you must set specific timelines and deadlines.

• Determine your prime time for productivity (first thing in the morning, mid-afternoon?) and plan your work schedule accordingly.

• If you’re multi-tasking and not accomplishing anything, prioritize.  Periodically ask yourself: “Am I currently making the best possible use of my time?”

• Use technology.  Too many people spend valuable work time on social media (you know who you are).  Put technology to good use by trying these websites and apps:

• – Use the website or download the app that    allows you to take notes, clip articles, save emails and collaborate with others.  Choose from free or yearly subscriptions with more options.

 • Google Tasks – You have this if you use the desktop version of Gmail (click the down arrow next to Gmail in the top left corner of your screen). Sync with GTasks on your Android phone or search online for “Google Tasks iPhone setup instructions.”

• – A free site for sharing files with others and accessing the files when you’re on the road.  If you work with a team, consider Dropbox For Business (prices on the website).

• Find a mentor.  Learn what works by observing or seeking advice from someone you admire for their productivity skills. 

Here's to more productivity and more stress-free time!

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