Victoria Texas Real Estate - Do's & Don'tsHere are a few common do’s and don’ts from decorating experts that are guaranteed to improve the look of your rooms.

Don’t:  Put too much furniture in a room and line most of it up against the walls.
Do:  Bring the furniture in to create a conversation area.  Define the space with a sizable area rug and anchor the furniture on the rug.

Don’t:  Rely too much on overhead lighting.
Do:  Use a combination of the three types of lighting:  general (ceiling and wall fixtures, table lamps); task (pendant lighting or desk lamps that help you read or do homework); and accent (fixtures that spotlight things such as architectural features, paintings or plants).


Don’t:  Be afraid of color.
Do:  Neutrals are fine but try adding an accent wall.  Test color samples at different times of the day before you paint all the walls. Take a white bookcase or built-in from "blah" to "aha" by painting the case's back wall in a cherry, contrasting hue.

Don’t:  Ignore window treatments.
Do:  Add appropriate curtains that lighten up the room, not darken it.  Hang them two inches above the frame of the window or all the way to the ceiling to make a room with a low ceiling seem bigger. 

Don’t:  Allow unfilled corners to become big, eye-grabbing decorating blanks.
Do: Add a comfy chair, silk plant or insert an interesting floor lamp.

Don’t:  Hang artwork too high.
Do:  Place it so the middle of the picture is at eye level of an average sized person.  If the art is placed above a sofa, make sure the bottom edge is six inches above the top of the sofa.

Don't: Load the room with too many family pictures and knickknacks.
Do:  Be selective.  Group a few items together and change the groupings periodically. 

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